Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Slightly Sled Dog-Devoid Update

A Slightly Sled Dog-Devoid Update
Jun 26th 2010
Location: Armuchee, GA
Time - 8:38pm Eastern Daylight Time
Temperature: 87 degrees F (31C)
Conditions: Partly cloudy
Forecast: Possible thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow. Highs in the 90s, lows in the 70s

Photo from
(take-off on The Wrath Of Khan, not to be confused with the Khan who ran on my 2009 Beargrease 150 team.)

Oh where to begin. I haven’t updated in a while because there really hasn’t been that much new and/or exciting to report. Personal/family things have stabilized a bit for now, work is very enjoyable, algebra study is progressing, the dogs are doing very well and…IT’S TOO FREAKING HOT!

Seriously, except for early in the morning, doing things outside SUCKS. Every single year I forget how miserable Georgia is in Summer. 90+ degree temperatures would be bad enough except that, yep - you guessed it: we have what seems to me to be the worst humidity on the planet. (Oh yeah, THIS is why I wanted to be in AK…)

I guess you could say: “Well, at least it isn’t -30F (not counting windchill) anymore.”

You could. And I’d respond: “Trust me, I will take -30F and colder over this ANY DAY!”

For a while it rained and stormed every evening. Now it’s every now and again and, rather than cooling anything off it just makes it feel like the Amazon rainforest.

But I can’t do anything about the heat right now. My complaining won’t change anything - it just makes me feel better if I whine about it.

We have two new additions at our house, named Punk and Wimp. No, not dogs! They are goldfish that I gave my Mom. I set up a small aquarium in the living room and we are enjoying watching them…swim around and do fishy things. Punk is large and solid-colored while Wimp is smaller and is orange and white.

Calypso is FINALLY blowing her coat all over the place, which makes me happy. I am trying to find other dog people to go hiking with, except that it’s really too warm to do much of that right now unless we went to the mountains. Bonnie and Susan were playing and playing this morning - they were so funny. Susie is very vocal and will often run up to me and say “uh-rooooooor.”

Susie also has a thing about being picked up and hugged. I may have mentioned that in an earlier post. She loves for me to pick her up and she sets her head on my shoulder and indicates that she would be perfectly happy to be carried around like that all day long. I’ll have to get some pictures.

The dog shed is progressing. It now has a roof and a bit of siding. Maybe we’ll get a chance to work on it tomorrow.

I am having a hard time adjusting to being back in Georgia - and it’s not just the weather. Last weekend I was struck by the realization that I really don’t know anybody in the community. All my friends are scattered (hey, I should talk - I ran off to Minnesota for two years. LOL) and it’s hard to get them together in one place. And I’m having a delayed-reaction culture shock. A good many of the people I see around here are so different from my Minnesota network…I feel really, really out of place.

The North City script is coming along well-enough. I have the entire thing in my head, it’s just a matter of typing it up. And THEN trying to get a cast together, which I know is going to be the hard part.

In the meantime, I guess that’s your update. Sorry it isn’t more interesting. I’ll write more later.


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