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Calypso, Impy and Writing Projects

Calypso, Impy and Writing Projects
Aug 16th 2010
Location: Armuchee, GA
Time - 6:08pm Eastern Daylight Time
Temperature: 94 degrees F (34C)
Conditions: Mostly clear, hot, humid
Forecast: Scattered showers tonight, thunderstorms tomorrow. Lows in the 70s, highs in the 80s

Above is post-surgery Calypso. Left photo shows her leg. This was taken several days ago and it looks waaaaay better than that picture shows. It is fast improving. Right photo shows Calypso resting on her “bed” in the living room. She loves this bed and is constantly nesting in it. In fact, as I am writing this, she is stretched out on it with her head under the sofa. Funny dog.

Calypso is recovering nicely and I couldn’t be happier with how things are going. SO glad to have the surgery behind us now. Although Calypso is NOT liking the E-collar (Elizabethan collar. It looks like a lampshade and prevents her from licking the incision) that she has to wear at night. Fortunately I can keep an eye on her during the day and she doesn’t have to wear it then.

So I had a very interesting weekend. Early Saturday morning (after my patented Calypso Alarm Clock System DEMANDED I rise and shine at about 6:30. One of these mornings I’m going to get an audio recording of her morning wake-up call and make a million dollars selling it as haunted house sounds for Halloween) a chocolate lab/mix of about 5 or 6 months of age showed up at our house and proclaimed himself to be The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave! (SNL reference there). Of course this was the worst possible time for a stray to show up but I had to do something. We made calls, talked to neighbors, etc. Nobody knew where the little guy, whom I started calling Impy, had come from. And we weren’t in a position to keep him…

Fortunately one of the calls I had made was to our vet and they knew someone who was interested in adopting such a dog. So Impy is currently at the clinic, waiting for what will hopefully be his new family.

Bonnie, Susie, April and Willy are doing okay. The weather has been gross but it’s supposed to be cooler over the next few days, so that’s good. I can’t wait until we can start training again and I feel like going outside during the daytime.

In the meantime, I have been writing. But not North City. Translating a season of webisodes into a novel turned out to be more troublesome than I had anticipated. I worked on the first chapter but I was having less fun the further it went along. It just seemed flat.

So I put that project on the back burner and started on something different. Since I’ve been wanting to roadtrip out to Yellowstone again so badly right now (though I don’t think that’s going to happen this Fall, unfortunately) I decided to write something that took place in Yellowstone.

It’s actually a re-write of something I wrote when I was ten, then re-wrote when I was twelve, then totally revamped and tried to make overly complicated when I was sixteen, before finally giving up. I’ve scrapped most of the overblown third draft and gone back to writing an adaptation of the first and second drafts. Obviously there are many changes, and I’m writing it with a waaaaaaaay different perspective than I did when I was ten but the basic storyline is the same.

It’s a children’s book, but not a kiddie book. And I’m having SO MUCH FUN WRITING IT! I’m on chapter 3 right now and the characters are already taking over (something that just wasn’t happening with North City). No title yet for this one, so I’ll probably be referring to it as “The Yellowstone Story.” I’ll keep you informed.

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Dave Lukosik on 17 Aug 2010 at 8:24 pm # edit this

Happy to read Calypso’s knee surgery went well and she is recovering and “resting” comfortably on her “bed”!

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  1. Love to read your blog. My son owns a Husky AND we live in Georgia AND I used to live in the north country (Wisconsin).

    Would you like to do a guest post on my blog? I think you're a terrific writer and I'd love to share some of your work.

    Cherie Miller