Sunday, January 9, 2011

Waiting On The Weather

Location: Armuchee, GA
Time - 8:50pm Eastern Standard Time
Temperature: 32 degrees F (0 C)
Conditions: Cloudy, still
Forecast: Snow tonight and tomorrow. Significant accumulation expected. Lows in the 20s, highs in the 30s

Look at little Susan sitting by the Christmas tree! She's not sitting in that chair, you know. Or she's not supposed to be, anyway. Do you see a dog on the chair? Nooooo, the chair is empty.

It's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow. They've been predicting it for days. "Up to seven inches of accumulation" the forecasts were saying days ago. And even right now it's supposed to start snowing.

However going outside right now, it doesn't look very promising. The sky is overcast and the temperature is right at freezing and nothing is falling. Originally they were saying this "snow event" was going to start between 8 and 9pm tonight.

Looks like it's running behind.

Speaking of running, I've been running scooter teams. Just hooking up two dogs at a time because any more would be more than I'm comfortable running with a scooter (although if this mythical *snow* materializes, I'll be able to run everyone with the sled).

I'm going to go look out the window again.

Nope, still nothing! Come on, snow...

And here we have a photo my Mom took of Holly with her stuffie, Squeaky Norman the hedgehog. Holly loooooves Squeaky Norman. She's such a good little dog. And, um, about that "fostering" business...We're all getting a little too attached to her now and would miss her too much if she went somewhere else.

And, if you realllllly want to know why the hedgehog is named Squeaky Norman, it's after the giant hedgehog, Spiny Norman from the Monty Python skit which I've included below. Beware extreme sillyness that has nothing to do whatsoever with sled dogs but I'm posting anyway just because I can. Feel free to skip over it if Monty Python isn't your thing.

And with that, good night and hopefully it will start snowing!




  1. A dog in the chair?

    I don't even see a chair ;-)

    As for the MP, LOVE IT!

    Good luck with the weather - I know it is already snowing at a good clip in Atlanta -

  2. Yeah for snow! I don't have a sled though so no sledding for me and the dogs. Still, they enjoy playing in it.

    I hope you've been able to get out in the snow (which I know came) with the dogs.

    My dogs have one of those hedgehogs too...they love that thing.

  3. Hope you got some snow! Got 6-8 inches in Little Switzerland,NC last Sunday. Holly is fitting right in, "Chocolate Chip Syndrome" is setting in! Got a Monty Python dvd movie for Christmas! Think snow!