Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eight Rules Of Dogsledding In Georgia

Location: Armuchee, GA
Time - 10:00pm Eastern Standard Time
Temperature: 24 degrees F (-4C)
Conditions: Clear
Forecast: Partly cloudy tonight and tomorrow. Highs in the thirties, lows in the teens.

When you are a musher in Georgia, there are certain things you have to accept.

#1: It doesn't snow here. Ever.

#2: If it does snow, it's usually a few brief flurries

#3: On the rare occasion that there is snow enough to cover the ground it is only a dusting and absolutely NEVER more than half an inch.

#4: Even if you have a little bit of snow like this, it will never be enough to run your dogs with a sled.

#5: If by some freak of nature it snows several inches and you ARE able to take out a team with a sled, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for mushing in Georgia.

#6: And it will decidedly not happen again. And definitely not in the same year. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN WITHIN A MONTH.

#7: If the impossibility described above DOES happen, the snow will immediately melt and you won't be able to run again.

#8: You absolutely will not, WILL NEVER be able to take a team out with a sled FOUR DAYS after the snow has fallen.

So I think it's worth noting that ALL EIGHT of these rules have been broken this year, with the dump of snow we got this past weekend making headlines throughout the Southeast.

Serious snowfall. Cold temperatures. Being able to sled (although the past couple of days the trail has been pretty icy and not in as good shape), snowshoe day after day...

Not your typical Georgia weather but we're loving it. This is apparently being caused by a high pressure system over Greenland. Bonnie and Susie and I (and the rest of the team) have this to say about it:


  1. Some may question your mystical powers in bringing the snow back to GA with you...or because snow and cold weather seems to follow him around too, some may question whether or not you are really Al Gore.

  2. Oh and it may just be shadowing, but it looks like you might need a shave in the picture above.

  3. Great photos and fantastic fun was had by all!!! This is not a fluke! We are into the 10th year of a approximate 30 year cycle of heating and cooling where we are cooling! See and checkout the book "Not by Fire, but By Ice" The author was on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory earlier in the week talking about the coming Ice Age! Forget about Al Gore! By the way, what has whatfur been smoking?

  4. What have "I" been smoking?!?!? Although I may agree with the AlGore and ice age sentiment, getting educated via Coast to Coast AM is hardly a feather in ones rational hat. Eaaaarrr!


    Sorry, not you David L. Whatfur is a Dave too (Handler Dave to be exact)...ugh, this is going to be confusing.

    But if the Ice Age is coming, I say "bring it on!" Because I am a snow dork...