Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Land Between The Lakes Sled Dog Dash 2010

Location: Armuchee, GA
Time - 9:30pm Eastern Standard Time
Temperature: 30 degrees F (-1C)
Conditions: Cloudy with light freezing rain
Forecast: Cloudy with freezing rain tonight, rain tomorrow. Highs in the 40s, lows in the 20s

UGH! It has been TOO LONG since I updated this blog. I am SO SORRY guys - I've been totally geeked out lately. I'll try to be a better person and update my blog like a grown-up.

The above picture was taken in Kentucky, in the motel room where we stayed during our second event of the 2010-2011 Season, the Between The Lakes Sled Dog Dash.

Bonnie and Susan and I ran in the 2-dog scooter class and placed 5th. It was a two day race, with us running two miles the first day, and two miles the second.

It was a fun course run along a winding bike trail through the forest. The weather the first day was cool, rainy and all-around icky. But we had fun despite this.

Then, the second day it started snowing. And kept on snowing. Soon there was about a half-inch of snow on the ground and it was still coming down. So our dryland sled dog race turned out to be more of a challenge! Rig tires like to slip and slide on even the tiny bit of snow that we had.
Also, since we had been running in the rain before the temperatures dropped, we had water in our brake systems and they froze up, as we discovered. The only way to fix this was to warm up the brakes.
Fortunately I don't think any of us managed to set our tires on fire. Still, I don't think my brakes were working properly.

But don't let this lead you to believe we didn't have a fun time. WE HAD A FANTASTIC TIME! It was great fun to race and it was good to see my Southeast sled dog friends whom I have not seen in ages. You know who you are! I'd name everyone but then I'd probably leave someone out and then I'd feel bad about it! I met some new faces too and that was great.

And then there were the dogs. So many husky-friends! And Bonnie and Susan ran great.

Thanks to Jeff Blewett and Due South Kennels for putting on this event. It's been a long time coming and the event was a success IMHO.

And a MAJOR thank-you to my parents for coming along to the race with me. And standing around in the rain and snow and cold (for SE) weather. It's been a long time since they've been to one of my races. :)


  1. Great to read everyone in the family got to go to the race! Was Calypso there too? Learned a trick for thawing out frozen padlocks earlier this month after a blowing sleet/snowstorn in Little Switzerland,NC. All the paddlocks were frozen tight and I could not unload the 7'x14' trailer. Butane lighters did not work in the constant wind. Went to Wally's World and got a handheld Worthington Propane torch with firestarter in the handle for $15. That did the trick for all the frozen locks! Could use this for frozen scooter brakes if used carefully! Best wishes for the Holidays to you all!

  2. Unfortunately Calypso had to sit this one out as she is still recovering from her knee surgery. I plan on running her recreationally this season but not competitively.

    Thanks for the info on thawing frozen brakes! It wasn't something we were used to.

    Happy Holidays to you as well!